We are getting our website ready for a great 2017!
2016 bye bye
We like to thank all our customers and Documentum specialists
who worked with us to have a lot of fun and progress in 2016.
HTML5 Delilah
We are getting ready with our HTML5 enabled version of Delilah 2017
Check our site by the end of January 2017 for more news.
All the best for 2017!
Team CANSERVICES.nl wishes you a great end of 2016 and all the best for 2017!
We look forward to work with you again in 2017!
ImportAnt Bulk Loader
Our free ImportAnt tool allows you to bulk load your documents into your Documentum system via Excel
2017 Ambitions
We will be stronger in 2017, developing more to get value from your EMC Documentum Investments