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26 September 2021

Do you ever need to know if your DLL or EXE file is a 32 bit or a 64 bit libary or executable?

We developed ScanFor64bit when we got tired how to figure out if we had the right DLL versions on a computer on which 64 bit software gave a many problems.
Since we couldn't find a simple tool that can scan your folder structure and list which DLL's or EXE files are 64 bit or 32 bit. we simply made this small tool.
The main screen of ScanFor64bit looks as follows:

How to use it?

At the top of this form, you find the first field to put in the PATH to scan.
Here you can enter either C:\ or D:\ or whatever driveletter you want to scan.
You can also enter a subpath, e.g. c:\program files\ 

II : Mask to scan
In the second field you can enter the masks you want to search for.
The default mask is set to jvm.dll;java.exe because we wanted to know which java
versions existed on computers we install our software on.
Just modify it to whatever mask you need, e.g. *.dll would simply scan for all
DLL files that exist on the path you defined.

III : Press the Scan button
And scanning will start. At the upper right corner you will find a progress indicator
once started. And an Abort button will appear next to the scan button.

When scanning is complete, this text box will contain a list of all files found that match the PATH and Mask setup at the start.
You can simply use CTRL+A and CTRL-C to copy the results to notepad or Excel or where you want to store the results.

Have fun!


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